The Flintstones New Neighbors Review with Miss Nightmare

Remember that time The Flintstones met Frankenstein? Not that time, the other time. Well, Mikey and Miss Nightmare take a look at it. Check out Mikey’s channel over here-

The Idols of Anime 22- Koiken

A series focusing on the history of Japanese idols in Anime and their real life counterparts. Part 22 is about Koiken! ~ Watashi-tachi Anime ni Natchatta and a bit on Symphogear.

Miss Nightmare Reviews- The Twelve Days of Christmas

It’s the Holiday season as Miss Nightmare takes a look at another live action Disney Sing-A-Long in her first ever Christmas review! Will it be merry? Tune in to find out! Follow On: Twitter- @MsNightmare24 Instagram- MissNightmareReviews Facebook – Patreon-

Calluna: Make Up! A Sailor Moon Retrospective: 1992 Anime Season 2

Calluna delves into the next part of her Sailor Moon Retrospective: the second season of the original anime, Sailor Moon R. Part 1: Plot Part 2: Characters Part 3: Dub vs Sub Part 4: Manga vs Anime

Escape From Monster High (Ep. 9): Frights, Camera, Action!

The vampires need a new Queen and it looks like Draculaura’s been chosen for the job, but there’s something more sinister going on. Meanwhile, Miss Nightmare and Dubious Khan get a lead on how to break the curse of the Vincula Vindictae.

Fool’s Gold: The Hollywood Ten

Join Jess as she tells you about the communism inherent in the system! With cameos from: Iannone, Renegade Cut, Steve the Wicked, and the Rap Critic.

Miss Nightmare Reviews- Tales from the Darkside

For the month of all Hallows Eve, Miss Nightmare decides to review an underrated horror anthology. But is it any good? Tune in to find out! (In case the video on the Vimeo player doesn’t work, you can watch the review over on my Youtube channel here- )

Feminist Baking: Women loving each other, and technology (San Junipero, Black Mirror)

Throwback Sunday! Top 10 Generation 4 Pokemon

And here we go with my least favorite Gen… Oh boy…

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 21 “Bustle, Wonder Woman, and AJ”

Join Holly and Jess as they delve into Bustle once more, talk Wonder Woman and AJ’s soon to be new book, among other things.