Escape From Monster High (Ep. 10): Freaky Fusion

WARNING: This episode contains material inappropriate for younger viewers. Parental discretion is STRONGLY advised. Time travel, family history, and mad science gone wrong are the order of the day as Frankie has an identity crisis, eight of her friends become combined into four fusion forms, and a new group of hybrid monsters join the cast. …

Miss Nightmare Reviews- The Case of the SeaWorld Adventure

The Horror Guru gets his revenge by sending Miss Nightmare another Olsen twins video. How does the twins handle being in Seaworld? Tune in to find out!

Miss Nightmare Tries Epcot’s Club Cool

On the recent Florida trip, we took a detour to Club Cool in Epcot to try the Flavors Around The World! Rosenhacker (@Rosenhacker) Writrzblok (@Writrzblok) Follow On: Twitter- @MsNightmare24 Instagram- MissNightmareReviews Facebook – Patreon-

Miss Nightmare Vlogs- WDW Tag 2016-2017 (w/Rosen)

After a few months and a trip to Florida, I finally do the #WDWTag with Rosen. I was challenged by Mikey Insanity & Rosen was challenged by Iannone.

Miss Nightmare Vlogs- February 2017 Update

Here’s an update of things to come this year. Follow On: Twitter- @MsNightmare24 Instagram- MissNightmareReviews Facebook – Patreon-

The Flintstones New Neighbors Review with Miss Nightmare

Remember that time The Flintstones met Frankenstein? Not that time, the other time. Well, Mikey and Miss Nightmare take a look at it. Check out Mikey’s channel over here-

Miss Nightmare Reviews- The Twelve Days of Christmas

It’s the Holiday season as Miss Nightmare takes a look at another live action Disney Sing-A-Long in her first ever Christmas review! Will it be merry? Tune in to find out! Follow On: Twitter- @MsNightmare24 Instagram- MissNightmareReviews Facebook – Patreon-

Escape From Monster High (Ep. 9): Frights, Camera, Action!

The vampires need a new Queen and it looks like Draculaura’s been chosen for the job, but there’s something more sinister going on. Meanwhile, Miss Nightmare and Dubious Khan get a lead on how to break the curse of the Vincula Vindictae.

Miss Nightmare Reviews- Tales from the Darkside

For the month of all Hallows Eve, Miss Nightmare decides to review an underrated horror anthology. But is it any good? Tune in to find out! (In case the video on the Vimeo player doesn’t work, you can watch the review over on my Youtube channel here- )

Miss Nightmare Vlogs- Horror Block Unboxing (June 2016)

You read the title right folks! In this vlog Miss Nightmare does a subscription box to her namesake; the Horror Block! Horror Block: Count Jackula: HorrorWhore: Follow On: Twitter- @MsNightmare24 Instagram- MissNightmareReviews Facebook – Patreon-