Lady Jess Announcement:

Lady Jess (or as she’s known in real life: Jess) is retiring Fool’s Gold and Superhero Rundown as of Tuesday February 7th, 2017. It was a tough decision and there are a few things she would like to make known:

1) Her Patreon will be transferred to a Late Night with Bisexuals Patreon with bimonthly episodes uploaded for Patrons before others. The rewards will also be revamped in the next week. Patreons will be charged for LNWB starting March 1st.

2) She will be releasing Singin in the Rain and Arrow Season 2 as her final episodes out February 7th.

3) She will stay on as co-President and web-mistress and is adding a store and a new theme to the site as the last time she did, it was stupid and didn’t work.

4) She will still be working as Rap Critic’s editor and as the co-host of LNWB.

While this may be disappointing to a number of you, Jess thought a lot about it before having early retirement. And no, Fool’s Gold and Superhero Rundown aren’t coming back. EVER. The archives will still be up at CirclePlus for you to enjoy her content as well as on her YouTube page.

Thank you all for your support! It’s been a hell of a ride!