Viga Loves Comics: Autobio Comics

An old episode, but informative one! Tweets by Viga

Viga Loves Comics: Menstruation Station

A real period piece am I right!

An old episode about a monthly adventure. This was originally created in 2013. Tweets by Viga

She Just Hates Pink 3

Last Page Next Page I had those pants. I owned them from 9th grade to 2 years after high school. They were torn away from me for my own good. -Viga  

She Just Hates Pink 2 – By Viga

Last Page Next Page Another new page! Drawing that city, man. I was my first time doing it. Go see the sketches and how on my art blog!

She Just Hates Pink – by Viga

Hey everyone! I’m Viga, the resident comic artist! You’ll see my work 3 times a week here. First we have a short story about lolita fashion and lots of pink! Next page

We are Circle Plus

If you are here, that means we officially launched!