The Philosofan

Sexism in Silence of the Lambs

The lambs may be silent, but the feminism is not. So how does awareness of sexism make this film even better? Watch and find out. Ask me questions on Tumblr:

Farewell Madagascar, Hello Youtube

What does the closure of Blip have to do with lemurs and fish bowls? It’s time to find out. Twitter: Tumblr:  

Top 11 Gateway Anime

In the inaugural episode of The Philosofan, TBelle looks at the top eleven starter anime for the beginner otaku.

O Death (Short Film)

One student learns the hard way, that as much as he studies it, he can’t cheat death. Courtesy of Hinds Community College, the short film that was my editing final was also my script. Thanks so much to everyone in the Hinds film department.

I Love and Suck at Video games

I have a complicated relationship with video games. I still enjoy them. Here is a short vlog explaining how and why