The Feminist Baker

Feminist Baking: Hanging up the apron

Dear viewers and friends, I’ve decided to stop making Feminist Baking videos. There are no dramatic reasons: no internet bullying, no office politics. I just want to try new things and I don’t have sufficient drive to keep going with this as well. Thank you to Jess Kitrick, Holly Christine Brown and all the wonderful women …

Feminist Baking: Wadjda

A film from a country with no cinemas about a girl who just wants to ride a green bicycle.     Wadjda is a 2012 film, directed by Haifa Al Mansour. Groundbreaking in many ways, it is the first feature length film to be filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia, and the first female directed film …

Feminist Baking: Women loving each other, and technology (San Junipero, Black Mirror)

Feminist Baking: Trishna Part 2

Trigger warning: Emotional abuse is discussed.

Feminist Baking: Trishna Part 1

Feminist Baking: Is it ok to live in a bubble?


Spice Girls and Girl Power

Shit Philosophers Say About Women

Philosophy has been around about as long as humans have been thinking. But, like most academic subjects, from its inception until maybe fifty odd years ago, it’s been dominated by men. These men were often misogynists, and if prostitution is the oldest profession, being dicks to women is the oldest hobby. So here’s a list …

What is Male Privilege?

What is Patriarchy?