Superhero Rundown

Lady Jess Announcement:

Lady Jess (or as she’s known in real life: Jess) is retiring Fool’s Gold and Superhero Rundown as of Tuesday February 7th, 2017. It was a tough decision and there are a few things she would like to make known: 1) Her Patreon will be transferred to a Late Night with Bisexuals Patreon with bimonthly …

Superhero Rundown: The Flash Season 1

Join Jess as she talks the Fastest Man Alive, Captain Bond Villain, and other things when she looks at The Flash.

Superhero Rundown: SDCC Reactions/Speculations

Jess breaks down her reactions and speculations of the SDCC news while Rap Critic films it on her iPhone. So if the sound is terrible, I’m sorry about that. My film gear isn’t with me at college.

Superhero Rundown: Captain America – Civil War

Join Rap Critic and Jess as they break down Civil War and what it really might mean to be Team Black Panther or Team Captain America. They also mark spoilers. Art by Liz Keiser:

Superhero Rundown: Jessica Jones Season 1

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses rape culture in the last half of the video. Jess does tell you when. Jess outlines Jessica Jones everything from interracial relationships to addicitons to rape culture to why we need a hero like Jessica Jones. Art by Liz Keiser:

Superhero Rundown – Daredevil Season 1

Join Jess as she discusses Daredevil, Kingpin, and religion in Season 1 of the series.

Superhero Rundown – The Deadpool Vlog

Join an army of Deadpools and Blind Al for the historic movie. Also there are shenanigans. Also spoilers part way through

Superhero Rundown: Arrow Season 1

Join Jess for Barrowman, vigilantism, shirtless guys beating each other, and more. What’s not to like?

Superhero Rundown: Fantastic Fail with Rap Critic

UGH…. But I have a Superhero Rundown title card artist: Her name is Liz and you can check her out here: