Lady Jess

Fool’s Gold: Hercules Unchained

Jess learns that she cannot count as she looks at a sequel and introduces you to Steve Reeves and bad dubbing.

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 18 “Enter the Chasm of Doom”

Enter the world of Bustle as Holly and Jess tell you about vaginas, bipolar, friends worth having, and learn that Gina can actually make a decent article. At least, if she learned to wipe her butt.

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 17 “CirclePlus News and Dinner Politics”

The ladies discuss the state of CirclePlus, our new members, and the general bullshit that is our political system.

Fool’s Gold: Lust For Life

Join Jess for Mental Health Month as she discusses Vincent Van Gogh and the types of illnesses that could have afflicted him.

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 16 “The Bathroom, The Hyprocrites, and The Prince”

Join Jess and Holly as they talk shit about North Carolina’s dumbass law, the hypocrisy of signing a petition related to the dumbass law, and the death of Prince.

Superhero Rundown: Captain America – Civil War

Join Rap Critic and Jess as they break down Civil War and what it really might mean to be Team Black Panther or Team Captain America. They also mark spoilers. Art by Liz Keiser:

Fool’s Gold: Monsieur Verdoux – Episode 68

This year’s Chaplin episode: Mayhem, fun, murder, and the FBI!

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 15 “Bustleception: Learn to Wipe Your Butt, Gina”

Join Jess and Holly as they torture Casey, our lovely MsNightmare with Gina’s Bustle shenanigans. Since it was her first time on the show, it was only fair.

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 14 “Superheroes vs. Politics: Civil War”

Jess and Holly discuss Deadpool, FINALLY, and revel in the upcoming Civil War. Then they Feel that Bern as they discuss the controversies in the US political system.

Superhero Rundown: Jessica Jones Season 1

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses rape culture in the last half of the video. Jess does tell you when. Jess outlines Jessica Jones everything from interracial relationships to addicitons to rape culture to why we need a hero like Jessica Jones. Art by Liz Keiser: