Fool’s Gold

Lady Jess Announcement:

Lady Jess (or as she’s known in real life: Jess) is retiring Fool’s Gold and Superhero Rundown as of Tuesday February 7th, 2017. It was a tough decision and there are a few things she would like to make known: 1) Her Patreon will be transferred to a Late Night with Bisexuals Patreon with bimonthly …

Fool’s Gold: The Hollywood Ten

Join Jess as she tells you about the communism inherent in the system! With cameos from: Iannone, Renegade Cut, Steve the Wicked, and the Rap Critic.

Pre-Code Month: Tropes of Monster Movies (w/Horror Guru).

Guru and Jess take you through the history of monster movies after Pre-Code and some of the highlighted movies from then to now.

Pre-Code Month: The Invisible Man (With Horror Guru)

Jess and Guru break down the madman of the Universal Monsters.

Pre-Code Month: Dracula & Frankenstein (With Horror Guru)

Jess and Horror Guru delve into Pre-Code all this month to show you how horror started and progressed in Classic Hollywood. First up: Bela Legosi’s Dracula and Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein!

Fool’s Gold: Hercules Unchained

Jess learns that she cannot count as she looks at a sequel and introduces you to Steve Reeves and bad dubbing.

Fool’s Gold: Lust For Life

Join Jess for Mental Health Month as she discusses Vincent Van Gogh and the types of illnesses that could have afflicted him.

Fool’s Gold: Monsieur Verdoux – Episode 68

This year’s Chaplin episode: Mayhem, fun, murder, and the FBI!

Fool’s Gold: Mary Poppins

Join Jess as she explores Mary Poppins and what it means to be Saving Mr. Banks.

Fool’s Gold: Freaks!

Join Jess as she takes on one of the most controversial films of the early 20th Century!