Throwback Sunday! Top 10 Generation 3 Pokemon

Most of this video was improvised, sadly I didn’t remove the “sorry this is short” message, it became the longest video I had at that time. Gen 3 will always keep a particularly special place in my heart 🙂

Throwback Sunday! Top 10 Generation 2 Pokemon!

Being my favorite generation, let’s examine the Johto Region’s best Pokemon!

Throwback Sunday!! Top 10 Generation 1 Pokemon!

A year ago I’ve began making videos, it’s quite shocking to see how much I’ve grown since then. And I’m less than a nervous wreck. Have some Throwback Sundays! (until I finish my new video xD)

Gutslove’s Top 10 Possible Pokemon (for Gen 7 and BEYOND)

We need certain animals to be a part of the Pokémon world… And here are my top 10 choices! 😀