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Feminist Baking: Trishna Part 2

Trigger warning: Emotional abuse is discussed.

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Escape from Monster High- 13 Wishes

Miss Nightmare and Dubious Khan test a theory by reviewing the next movie before the bracelets tell them to do so. Meanwhile, a genie grants Howleen Wolf 13 wishes which could lead to certain doom for Monster High.

Miss Nightmare Vlogs- Unboxing MPC’s Curios & Conundrums Vol. 3, Issue 2

This time it’s an another unboxing; one full of mystery. Erin’s Unboxing on Vol. 3, Issue 1- Mysterious Package Company: https://www.mysteriouspackage.com/ Follow On: Twitter- @MsNightmare24 Instagram- MissNightmareReviews Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/missnightmarereviews/

Calluna: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Breakdown

In this week’s breakdown, Calluna takes a look at the sixth episode of Season 6, “Blood of My Blood.”