Calluna: Sansa Stark: Of Birds and Wolves

In this week’s video, Calluna analyzes how Sansa Stark’s relationship with birds and wolves affects her growth as a character in Game of Thrones.

Calluna Vlogs: DragonBall Z: Resurrection “F”

Calluna and her crew went to see the latest DragonBall Z movie, Resurrection “F.” They discuss hilarious butt shots, what is and isn’t canon, and overall just how much fun they had with it.

Backlog Heroes Play: Quiplash

Calluna is joined by her fellow Backlog Heroes (Chris the Nerd, Mikey Insanity, Iannone, Cameraman Craig, and slightly off-camera Ben) to play the newest game from the creators of You Don’t Know Jack: Quiplash!

Calluna Hosts: Johann Sebastian Joust

Join Calluna as she teaches the attendees of ConnectiCon how to play Johann Sebastian Joust, a game of tag using Playstation Move Motion Controllers and video game music!

Calluna: Should Bad Anime Dubs Be Rudubbed?

With the popularity of the new dubbing for Sailor Moon, Calluna takes a look into what might qualify a bad anime dub for a possible re-dub.

Calluna: The Swan Princess

This week, Calluna takes a look at one of the most shameless Disney rip-offs: The Swan Princess!

Calluna: Arkham Knight

Join Calluna as she reviews the third installment of the Arkham games trilogy, Arkham Knight!

Calluna: I See What You Did There-The House of the Undying

Well, Game of Thrones Season 5 is over, but that just means another ten months til next season! Until then, this time Calluna delves into the prophecies and visions that Daenerys sees in the House of the Undying that were cut from the show, and what possible predictions we can make about the series.

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Designs in G Gundam: Screen Shot

Calluna has¬†been watching G Gundam lately, and you know what she realized? Some of the designs of the Gundams in this show are just plain RIDICULOUS: some are a little racist, some don’t match their country, and some are just plain silly looking. Let’s take a look!

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