Mass Effect Month Retrospective – Part 1

Let us begin Mass Effect Month with the game that started it all, with the first chapter of Commander Shepard’s space opera!

Mass Effect Month Trailer

Completely coincidental, we’ll be looking through the Shepard Saga of the Mass Effect Series as we celebrate it’s 10th anniversary.   P.S.: Why is this coincidental? This retrospective was planned for last year, but due to scheduling and editing something else, it was pushed back. I really didn’t know Mass Effect was gonna turn 10 …

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge – Gutslove Game Review

It’s that time of year (almost a week later), and what better way to celebrate than with a spoopy video game?  

Throwback Sunday!! Wander Over Yonder VLogs #3 The Picnic

The first episode ever aired as a Preview to test the waters for any potential fans!

Top 10 Generation 6 Pokémon

After a full year in the backburner, the newest Top 10 is finally here. With our dear Miss Nightmare as the voice of Luz <3

Throwback Sunday! Top 10 Generation 5 Pokemon

Generation 5 was a semi-reboot of the series, starting from scratch, along with what I consider to be the best Pokemon Plot to date.

Throwback Sunday!! Wander Over Yonder VLogs #2 The Egg

Mother and child, y’all~!

Throwback Sunday!! Wander Over Yonder VLogs #01 The Greatest

Time to remember when this show was new and had high hopes of becoming something… great… Before Disney cancelled it >_> Let’s begin with The Greatest!

Top 10 Villain Songs!

Time to step back and decide which of all the Villain Songs and/or themes deserve more attention. And yes, I forgot to add Be Prepared and The Mob song, don’t kill me ._.

Throwback Sunday! Top 10 Generation 4 Pokemon

And here we go with my least favorite Gen… Oh boy…