Calluna: The Swan Princess

To celebrate Christmas, Calluna takes a look at one of the worst Christmas sequels, The Swan Princess Christmas!

Calluna: The Mummy Returns

After being distracted for quite some time, Calluna finally gets around to reviewing The Mummy Returns!

Calluna: Make Up! A Sailor Moon Retrospective: 1992 Anime Season 1

Calluna begins her Sailor Moon Retrospective by delving into the first season of the 1992 anime. Part 1: Plot Part 2: Characters Part 3: Dub vs. Sub Part 4: Manga vs. Anime

Calluna: Return to HalloweenTown

In the final movie of the HalloweenTown series, Calluna takes a look at the movie that decided to recast the main character of Marnie. What a weird movie.

Calluna: HalloweenTown High

Calluna reviews the next in the HalloweenTown movie series, HalloweenTown High. Because nothing screams a movie about another world of monsters like having none of the movie take place in it. Wait, what?

Calluna: HalloweenTown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge

Calluna is back and ready to tackle the next movie in the HalloweenTown series: Kalabar’s Revenge!

Calluna: HalloweenTown

Calluna begins her HalloweenTown movie month of October, starting with the first in the series: HalloweenTown!

Calluna: Make Up! A Sailor Moon Retrospective

In this introduction video, Calluna gives a quick timeline of the major events that have happened in Sailor Moon’s 20 year history, as she begins her retrospective on the Sailor Moon franchise.

Calluna: Cersei Lannister and Prophecy (I See What You Did There)

In this week’s episode, Calluna explores how the prophecies of Maggy the Frog affect Cersei’s behavior in the Game of Thrones series, and what possible outcomes await her in the near future.

Backlog Heroes Play: Sportsfriends

Join Calluna and the Backlog Heroes as they cover the rest of the games in the Sportsfriends game set, including two secret games!