Month: April 2016

Calluna: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 Breakdown

Calluna discusses the season six premiere for Game of Thrones, The Red Woman.

Fool’s Gold: Monsieur Verdoux – Episode 68

This year’s Chaplin episode: Mayhem, fun, murder, and the FBI!

Shit Philosophers Say About Women

Philosophy has been around about as long as humans have been thinking. But, like most academic subjects, from its inception until maybe fifty odd years ago, it’s been dominated by men. These men were often misogynists, and if prostitution is the oldest profession, being dicks to women is the oldest hobby. So here’s a list …

It’s So Hard Loving You: Number 9 Problematic Songs By The Beatles

The Fab Four were and are my favorite non-classical artists from my adolescence on, 8-bar none (Cut me some slack; I was an orch dork). I’ll admit I was somewhat obsessive at times; I’d take my father’s CDs (and records, too, once I learned how to operate the turntable), fire up my sandalwood incense, and …

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 15 “Bustleception: Learn to Wipe Your Butt, Gina”

Join Jess and Holly as they torture Casey, our lovely MsNightmare with Gina’s Bustle shenanigans. Since it was her first time on the show, it was only fair.

Escape from Monster High- Scaris: City of Frights

The world of Monster High expands as Clawdeen gets an opportunity to got to Scaris and study fashion under world renowned designer Moanatella Ghostier. However, there’s something sinister afoot. Meanwhile, Miss Nightmare and Dubious Khan find out what’s in Douglas Ampersand’s classified files.

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 14 “Superheroes vs. Politics: Civil War”

Jess and Holly discuss Deadpool, FINALLY, and revel in the upcoming Civil War. Then they Feel that Bern as they discuss the controversies in the US political system.

Calluna: Arya Stark: What’s in a Name

Calluna takes a look at the relationship shared between Arya Stark and her direwolf Nymeria, and the way Arya deals with identity.

Superhero Rundown: Jessica Jones Season 1

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses rape culture in the last half of the video. Jess does tell you when. Jess outlines Jessica Jones everything from interracial relationships to addicitons to rape culture to why we need a hero like Jessica Jones. Art by Liz Keiser:

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 13 “Bernie, Burning & Trudeau”

The ladies discuss the bullshit that is going on with Bernie, the “Canadians” who burned down the White House in 1812, and the epic bromance of Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama.