Month: March 2016

Late Night with Bisexuals – Episode 12 “Whatever Stops You From Being Psycho”

Join Jess and Holly as Jess recounts the tale of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Badness Except Wonder Woman and Holly and Jess debate the merits of Bustle once again. Circle Plus Talent Search

Superhero Rundown – Daredevil Season 1

Join Jess as she discusses Daredevil, Kingpin, and religion in Season 1 of the series.

Late Night With Bisexuals – Episode 11 “How Superheroes Need to Appeal to the LGBT Community”

Join Jess and Holly as they talk Batman v. Superman and other spoilers from TWO WEEKS AGO! HOORAY! Also you still have until Thursday March 31st, 12am your local time, to apply to Circle Plus.

Calluna’s Top Ten Favorite Gravity Falls Episodes

Calluna breaks down her ten favorite Gravity Falls episodes and how they reflect what makes the show so great.

What is Male Privilege?

Something’s Weird and It Don’t Look Good: How To Talk Shit About the Ghostbusters 3 Trailer

Are you troubled by instances of sexist/racist bullshit on your social media feeds? Does opening your Twitter mentions fill you with a sense of dread? Have you or your family ever even dared to scroll down and read Youtube comments? More importantly: do you remember where you were when the trailer for Ghostbusters III dropped? …

Miss Nightmare Short- Meanwhile…

Taking place after Ghouls Rule, Miss Nightmare prepares for her next review when she realizes something that might change the game. But will it be enough when she makes a call to Ampersand to tell him what she knows?

Fool’s Gold: Bridge on the River Kwai

Join Jess as she explores a career most people don’t even know about and would never guess. Also, she makes a reference to Star Wars… Like you do.

What is Patriarchy?

Miss Nightmare Vlogs- January 2016 Lootcrate Unboxing

In the first unboxing, Miss Nightmare see’s what Lootcrate is all about with the ‘Invasion’ edition she got. Killin’ Me Softly Etsy: Support the show on Patreon: Twitter: @MsNightmare24 Instagram: missnightmarereviews Facebook Miss Nightmare Reviews