Month: November 2015

Escape from Monster High- Friday Night Frights

Monster High takes on sexism, while Miss Nightmare and Dubious Khan make a disturbing discovery about the bracelets. Featuring cameos by Iannone (“The Sports Reel”), The Feminist Baker, Diva of “Musical Hell,” Viga from Viga Loves Comics, Calluna, and Sunny Jim of the Isle of Rangoon!

Sexism in Silence of the Lambs

The lambs may be silent, but the feminism is not. So how does awareness of sexism make this film even better? Watch and find out. Ask me questions on Tumblr:

Calluna: Make Up! A Sailor Moon Retrospective: 1992 Anime Season 1

Calluna begins her Sailor Moon Retrospective by delving into the first season of the 1992 anime. Part 1: Plot Part 2: Characters Part 3: Dub vs. Sub Part 4: Manga vs. Anime

The Idols of Anime Part 10 – Fancy Lala

A series focusing on the history of Japanese idols in Anime and their real life counterparts. This is about Magical Stage Fancy Lala and Kira Kira Melody Gakuen

Miss Nightmare’s Special Reviews: Walt Disney’s Babes in Toyland

It’s finally time for the Magfest Crossover’s to appear! The first up is Miss Nightmare’s crossover with LadySpaz, aka Lady Jess, on Disney’s Babes in Toyland. Is it still good? Well tune in to find out! Also includes the bloopers for this crossover!

The Idols of Anime Part 9 – Perfect Blue

A series focusing on the history of Japanese idols in Anime and their real life counterparts. This part is about the Satoshi Kon film, Perfect Blue.

Feminist Baking: Is it OK to objectify men?

Miss Nightmare Reviews- Groove Squad Cheerleaders

The Mistress of Despair has kidnapped Miss Nightmare for a request; the last review that she will ever do. What review is that? Well judging from the title of the video; a made for TV movie about superhero cheerleaders. Does this film still hold up? Will Miss Nightmare escape? Tune in to find out!

Miss Nightmare Tries It’s Sugar

In the newest let’s try, Miss Nightmare brings one of her friends in to join her trying some international sweets from It’s Sugar. Will they be any good? Tune in to find out!

Calluna: Return to HalloweenTown

In the final movie of the HalloweenTown series, Calluna takes a look at the movie that decided to recast the main character of Marnie. What a weird movie.