Month: August 2015

Escape from Monster High- Fright On!

Following a failed attempt to free themselves from the Mistress of Despair’s cursed bracelets, Miss Nightmare and Dubious Khan turn their attention to the second Monster High TV special. One which may have more to say than its fashion doll origins would otherwise indicate.

Backlog Heroes Play: Sportsfriends

Join Calluna and the Backlog Heroes as they cover the rest of the games in the Sportsfriends game set, including two secret games!

The Idols of Anime Part 1 – Sasurai no Taiyou

I’m actually taking the history if idols in anime seriously and made a few videos about it! Idols are a trend in anime, but shows focusing on them existed since the 1970′s. What was the origin of idols in Japan and in anime? What began the tropes we see in things like Love Live and …

The Scandalous Lady W : review

For those of you on my side of the pond ( the one with more royalty and less religion) The Scandalous Lady W is here to save us. A period drama, bodice ripper to tide us over between Game of Thrones and Poldark. Thank the heavens. We didn’t have to miss out on frilly skirts …

A Little Oldie: Miss Nightmare Reviews- Trading at WDW

NOTE: The volume is a tad bit loud, so lower the volume to half. Originally posted January 15th, 2013. In a little experiment, Miss Nightmare decides to take a look at trading (ex. cards, pins, vinyl figures) at Walt Disney World.

Calluna: Sansa Stark: Of Birds and Wolves

In this week’s video, Calluna analyzes how Sansa Stark’s relationship with birds and wolves affects her growth as a character in Game of Thrones.

She Just Hates Pink 4

Last Page Next Page The comic returns! I’m trying to do a shojo like look for this comic. It’s harder than I thought despite reading shojo forever. Follow my art blog

Viga Loves Comics: Quick and Dirty Comicking

I talk about the value of doing short works.   Follow me on Twitter! Buy my stuff on Society 6: See my art and comics at

A Little Oldie: Miss Nightmare Reviews- Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Mysteries: The Case Of Thorn Mansion

NOTE: IT’S A BIT LOUD SO TURN THE VOLUME DOWN A BIT. Originally posted November 30th, 2012. A request sent by the mysterious M.O.D., Miss Nightmare dives into the first Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen mystery series. Is this any good? Tune into the review to find out!

Calluna Vlogs: DragonBall Z: Resurrection “F”

Calluna and her crew went to see the latest DragonBall Z movie, Resurrection “F.” They discuss hilarious butt shots, what is and isn’t canon, and overall just how much fun they had with it.