Month: July 2015

Calluna Hosts: Johann Sebastian Joust

Join Calluna as she teaches the attendees of ConnectiCon how to play Johann Sebastian Joust, a game of tag using Playstation Move Motion Controllers and video game music!

Viga Loves Comics: Autobio Comics

An old episode, but informative one! Tweets by Viga

Pre-Code Month: The Maltese Falcon

Join Lady Jess as she looks at Humphrey Bogart, errr… FILM NOIR. She’s going to look at Humphrey Bogart. NO, Film Noir. …Dammit.

Feminist Baking: Sandwich Edition – Orphan Black

A short review/plea for you to watch the best goddam female-led sci-fi show out there.

“The world would split open”: Reviewing ‘Poems From The Women’s Movement’

Do you care about poetry? If you said, “Yes,” while clutching your dogeared tomes of Byron earnestly to your chest, you’re adorable. Skip the next paragraph. If you said no, your experience of poetry has probably been something like this: you were probably forced to read Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride in 7th grade Language Arts, maybe analyzed …

A Little Oldie- Miss Nightmare Reviews: Let’s Go To The Circus

NOTE: Turn the volume to half in this video since it’s one of my firsts and its loud. Originally posted October 19th, 2012 In this live action Disney Sing-A-Long, will Miss Nightmare see if this still holds up or would it convince her to go to a real circus? Tune in to find out!

Calluna: Should Bad Anime Dubs Be Rudubbed?

With the popularity of the new dubbing for Sailor Moon, Calluna takes a look into what might qualify a bad anime dub for a possible re-dub.

Fool’s Gold: Pre-Code Month – Mata Hari

Jess explores a famous person’s life and Greta Garbo. Also there is more Femme Fatale. You’re welcome.

A Little Oldie: Miss Nightmare Reviews- The Chicken from Outer Space

NOTE: Turn the volume to half in this video since it’s one of my firsts and its loud. Originally posted September 28th, 2012 After a few month hiatus, Miss Nightmare comes back with her review of the first Courage the Cowardly Dog pilot; The Chicken from Outer Space!

Top 11 Gateway Anime

In the inaugural episode of The Philosofan, TBelle looks at the top eleven starter anime for the beginner otaku.