Month: June 2015

Fool’s Gold: Dinosaurus!

Lady Jess discovers Dinosaurs! In the 1960s! And well-rounded characters!

Oldie but a Goodie: Game of Thrones

The Feminist Baker explores Westerosi feminism, with corsets, swords and PIE! Warning: SPOILERS ABOUND for Seasons 1-4.

On Being [A Woman On The Internet]

Alright, very first post! First of all, I would like to thank LadyJess for recruiting me, and I’m thrilled and excited to be a part of this site. (I would also like to back up Jess’ statements about boobs. My boobs have drafted college papers and constitutions for me before, so I have complete trust …

Miss Nightmare Tries Cost Plus World Market (featuring the LA Crew)

Originally posted April 10th, 2014. During Miss Nightmare’s adventures, she comes across the west coast version of the World Market and decides to do a let’s try while she’s there. But she can’t do it alone as the LA Crew joins in this let’s try.

She Just Hates Pink 3

Last Page Next Page I had those pants. I owned them from 9th grade to 2 years after high school. They were torn away from me for my own good. -Viga  

O Death (Short Film)

One student learns the hard way, that as much as he studies it, he can’t cheat death. Courtesy of Hinds Community College, the short film that was my editing final was also my script. Thanks so much to everyone in the Hinds film department.

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Designs in G Gundam: Screen Shot

Calluna has been watching G Gundam lately, and you know what she realized? Some of the designs of the Gundams in this show are just plain RIDICULOUS: some are a little racist, some don’t match their country, and some are just plain silly looking. Let’s take a look!

She Just Hates Pink 2 – By Viga

Last Page Next Page Another new page! Drawing that city, man. I was my first time doing it. Go see the sketches and how on my art blog!

From the Vaults: Limelight

Join Lady Jess as she looks at a movie that everyone forgot about and what it means to Charles Spencer Chaplin.

Girls: the ineptitude of the everyday twenty something woman

The Feminist Baker explores this HBO series about college grads with no real life skills, stumbling their way through adulthood. How very….relatable.